Strategic Planning & Strategy Execution

The Strategic Plan is the coherent plan for realizing the vision and mission of the organization. The plan describes how the organization will align resources and activities, optimize execution, manage risk, maintain competitive advantage, deliver customer value and achieve high performance results. Most organizations have a strategic plan or strategy, but it is not effectively executed. We often find that that strategic plan is in need of renovation and a more formal structure for effective communication and execution. Our strategic planning methodology is characterized by engagement of senior leadership and high levels of cross-organizational management, a pragmatic focus on execution, and strategic measures (e.g. KPIs) to monitor, manage, and achieve business results.

Our professionals start strategic plan development with your existing materials and refresh them external and internal analysis of the organization’s environment, gathering data to drive a realistic and executable plan. We work with the Senior management to full consensus on the organization’s strategy. We engage management and operations in workshops to develop a strategy map that visually depicts the strategy and demonstrates the causality and interrelationships between the objectives that must be achieved to execute the strategy. The strategy map is also used to further communicate the strategy to members of the organization and its stakeholders. Performance measures and KPIs (Key Performance Measures) are developed to monitor and drive execution of the plan. These measures are often called the Balanced Scorecard, and they include measures of Financial, Customer, Operational and Growth perspectives. Initiatives are developed and prioritized to align resources and capital to optimally achieve the organization’s goals. Automation of the management dashboard and reporting may be included in the strategic planning to ensure that management has timely, accurate data to make decisions to keep the organization on its strategic path. Our approach includes cascading the strategy and objectives to the department level and to individual employee performance objectives, providing full alignment and transparency of goals. Change management and the development of a culture of continuous improvement throughout the process ensures an agile and adaptive strategic plan and execution. A final component of strategic planning is establishing the strategy governance and review. We provide ongoing coaching and periodic reviews to optimize the success of your strategic planning and execution.

Methodologies: Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution, Balanced Scorecard, Scorecard Development, Organizational Alignment, Performance Measurements, Initiatives Prioritization, Internal Environment, External Environment, PESTEL, SWOT, Competitive Advantage, Customer Value Proposition, Strategy Map, Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy formulation, Themes, Dashboard, Technology Selection, Continuous Improvement, and Governance, Blue Ocean, Customer Value Proposition