IT Strategy and Technology Management

Lumen’s IT Strategy service helps optimize resources to achieve performance objectives by aligning business processes and IT resources with organizational strategic objectives. Our methodology assists clients in identifying mission and business objectives, evaluating the current technology baseline, and defining and implementing the optimal future state.
Our methodology facilitates orderly planning, comprehensive analysis, evaluation, and implementation to ensure that the desired/required flexible and interoperable IT infrastructure is achieved, resulting in increased efficiency, effectiveness, and greater return on investment.

We work with the IT and business organization in defining, planning, and executing technology projects by understanding business needs and translating them into technology requirements. We use current development tools and process to accelerate project delivery and improve overall ROI. Our approaches provide management with visibility into all phases of the development life cycle and total cost of ownership of their technology projects.

We assist organizations with technology selection challenges using a structured process that engage key stakeholders with defined roles, prioritizes operational and technical requirements, and optimizes achieving the desired result while minimizing the risk .

Methodologies: IT Strategy, Strategic Use of IT, IT Project Prioritization, Technology Selection, System Purchase, TCO, Total Cost of Ownership, Information Technology, IT Alignment, Performance Measures