Training Overview – Lumen Institute

Strategy Execution and high performance is a journey, not a destination. Every journey has a starting point. What you do next depends on where you start.

The Lumen Institute offers training in many formats – public courses, university-based executive education, university classes, and in-house private courses and individual coaching – and in many modes – workshop, classroom, and online. The Lumen Institute offers professional certification at multiple levels for individuals and organizations to ensure standard. Our training curriculum enables you to progress on your path to high performance, mastering the skills and methodologies you need to succeed and overcoming the obstacles you will encounter along the way.  Attending our programs and working with our consultants will prepare you to minimize risk and accelerate the sustained delivery of strategic results.

We leave nothing to chance.  Our programs are quality controlled and certified by our partners.  And you will leave our programs as certified professionals after completion of the courses and associated exams.  We provide general programs; however we recognize that different verticals have different needs. So we also offer programs focused on industries such as Healthcare and Energy, and for different sectors of Government, non-profit, and Business.  Programs include: Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Execution, Performance Measurement and Management, and Change Management.

Our trainers are professional educators and consultants with years of experience. They bring not only the classroom skills and theory, but also the field experience to let you know what really works… and how to course-correct when it doesn’t.

For those organizations with unique requirements or large numbers of professionals seeking training, we will provide a custom designed program delivered by our outstanding trainers.

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Certification Overview – Lumen Institute

Lumen Institute provides three levels of individual certification and a Team Certification. The certificate process requires attendance at a BSC courses and a demonstration of proficiency in understanding and applying the course material in practice.

The basic level, Certified Balanced Scorecard Individual confirms attendance and participation in a Balanced Scorecard course. It may be the first level of the curriculum to becoming a Balanced Scorecard Certified Practitioner and ultimately a Balanced Scorecard Certified Leader. The additional levels of certification provide confirmation of increased mastery of understanding and application of the BSC methodology and framework. The Balanced Scorecard Team Certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to implementation and use of the BSC. This level of certification includes the benefit of ongoing engagement and support from the Lumen Institute and the broader BSC community.

The BSC certification levels include classroom and workshop instruction and the completion of an online exam. The advanced certification includes an additional formal presentation in the Leader course. The courses can be taken in a 1-2 week “Boot Camp” style program or at different times. Short courses, which provide the Certified Balanced Scorecard Individual or the Balanced Scorecard Certified Practitioner, were developed for students who may not want to pursue further levels certification or plan to get further certification in the future.

The Balanced Scorecard Team Certification and Balanced Scorecard Trainer Certificate are designed for individuals and organizations that plan to expand their use and deployment of the balanced scorecard.

Alternative paths to certification may be pursued as a component of a client engagement to implement the Balanced Scorecard methodology or strategic planning with Lumen Solutions, Inc. in cooperation with the Lumen Institute.