Performance Measurement and Management

Our comprehensive performance management discipline delivers a fact-based, measurement-supported solution that manages risk and delivers high-performance. This practice may be applied to the whole enterprise, or just as commonly, to a business unit or division within the enterprise.
Lumen’s Strategic Performance Measurement and Management service optimizes organizational results by aligning activities and resources to the organization’s strategy and goals; employing performance measures at operational through enterprise levels to drive, manage, monitor and measure performance; and prioritizing corporate strategic initiatives.
We use established frameworks including the balanced scorecard and strategy map to clarify the organization’s strategy and communicate it to align resource allocation and activities throughout the organization.
We deploy performance management capabilities and systems with metrics and dashboards to enable employees at all levels to align performance and achieve higher performance and results in their business environments. Our measurement approaches include predictive analytics and big data.
To maximize investments in performance optimization, an organization must first identify its performance management state. The Lumen Performance Management Maturity Assessment, Benchmark, and Roadmap service quantifies the current state, benchmarks your organization against peers, and creates a roadmap for future investment. Specifically, it provides insight into your organization’smeasurements, strategic alignment, balance, and the quality of the data supporting your measurements.

Methodologies: Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution, Balanced Scorecard, Scorecard Development, Organizational Alignment, Performance Measurement, Initiatives Prioritization, Performance Maturity Assessment, Performance Management Roadmap, Competitive Advantage, Customer Value Proposition, Strategy Map, Predictive Analytics, Big Data