Change Management

In today’s environment, the ability to quickly react, adapt, and respond to changing requirements, customer needs, budgets, and new opportunities is a strategic imperative. Lumen’s Change Management service accelerates the implementation of new processes, new systems, and needed organizational transformations by helping stakeholders understand and support change initiatives. We use proven methodologies in organizational change and program/project management to guide the successful transition from the current to desired state. Specifically, we offer assessments, planning, and implementation services that minimize employee resistance and transformation cost while aligning business processes, workforce strategies, and business leadership to the organization’s common vision.

Communications is integral to any change and it crosses all service areas. Our communications program creates an environment that supports constructive dialogue and delivers timely, targeted messages to generate awareness, understanding, capabilities and action. Our communications programs encompass community building, standard and electronic media, and social media.

Leadership Coaching prepares individuals and groups to effectively lead change, realize intended outcomes and perform at a higher level. Our highly skilled and experienced leadership coaches provide guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement to leaders throughout the change effort. Additionally, they provide change leaders with necessary tools and vital feedback when needed most as the leaders navigate through the more difficult challenges of the change process.

Methodologies: Change Management, Communications Plan, Social Media, Leadership Coaching, Change Readiness, Organizational Effectiveness, OD, OE, Community