Lumen Institute

The Lumen Institute was founded in 2001 in response to a growing need in the marketplace. The Institute offers training, education, and research. These services and programs are offered in many formats – public courses, university-based executive education, university classes, and in-house private courses and individual coaching – and in many modes – workshop, classroom, and online. In addition, the Institute conducts research in multi-client working groups and selected populations. The Lumen Institute offers professional certification at multiple levels for individuals and organizations to ensure standard levels of balanced scorecard and strategy execution professional competencies.

We had recognized that there were many companies offering training or consulting in the Balanced Scorecard, but very few organizations were following through on the principles and practices that led to the original development of the balanced scorecard: multi-client research and the development of a heuristic or constantly evolving management framework. The original balanced scorecard was developed in a multi-client study in response to a strong marketplace need. In order to keep the balanced scorecard methodology current and relevant in the changing 21st century, we believe that it is necessary to capture and incorporate the learning from balanced scorecard consulting and training classes. That mission is fulfilled by the Lumen Institute. You can learn more about our training, certification and research throughout this website.

We also provide keynote speakers and workshop sessions for conferences.

Please contact us for more information on how our training and research capabilities can accelerate the execution of your organization’s strategy and advance the performance of your organization.